In addition to the main gates in the enceinte, there were a number of ancillary or exclusively military gates that led to the piazze basse and thence to the ditch. Every bastion with two piazze basse had two such gates, the only exceptions being: a) the two passageways at the main gate in the Pantocrator Bastion, one of which led out to the open countryside and the other to the southern piazza bassa; b) the raised Bethlehem Gate with its ornate revetted facade.

The auxiliary gate leading to the north piazza bassa in the Bethlehem Bastion, 1900 - 1905 (G. Gerola, Heraklion)
The restored Bethlehem Gate leading to the piazza bassa in the bastion of the same name, 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)