The herbs of Crete have been studied by scholars from Greece and other countries since ancient times. A multitude of works by classical authors, travellers, historians and geographers refer to the fact that Crete is particularly famed for the variety of its herbs and their qualities. Many of these are only to be found on the island, while according to Pliny, others "... are incomparably finer than those from other countries, even when of the same species."

The best known medicinal and aromatic herbs include dictamnus or dittany, renowned for its therapeutic, antiseptic and other beneficial qualities, wild tea,wild lavender, wild sage, thyme, oregano, marjoram, camomile and many others.

The Cretan chamois or wild goat heals its wounds by eating dittany, 1688 (Olfert Dapper, Mikros Naftilos)
Dittany, well known as a medicinal herb
Cretan aromatic plants and herbs
Cretan herb teas
Indigenous Cretan herbs being dried