The rima (plural rimes) is another characteristic type of Cretan poetic composition, being a lengthy song composed in fifteen-syllable lines. In their narratives, singers (rimadori) recount events taken from Cretan history from the period of Venetian rule up to the Occupation during the Second World War, referring to warriors, battles and a range of other incidents such as epidemics. The best known rimes include The Fall of Megalo Kastro, Daskaloyiannis' Song, The Massacre in Megalo Kastro, On Xopateras, On Kapetan Korakas and On Arkadi.

Xopateras(1788-1829), legendary rebel leader
Ioannis Vlachos or Daskaloyiannis (1722-1771)
Michalis Korakas (1797-1892)
Artist's impression of the siege and act of resistance at Arkadi Monastery, 1866 (Gennadius Library, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Athens)
A group of Cretans drinking wine and listening to the lyra, 1926 (Nelly's, Benaki Museum, Athens)