The Sousta is a war dance with springing steps (pidichtos), originating from Rethymnon. It has evolved over time, to the point where the overall style is more sensual and joyful than in the past.

Danced by a couple facing each other - either a man and a woman or two women - the Sousta is made up of a large number of different figures, mostly involving arm movements.

In the past, the social mores prevailing in local communities were so strict that the Sousta was only ever danced by pairs of girls or relatives - never by men and women unrelated to each other.

The dance takes its name from the repeated bouncing movement it involves, which is reminiscent of a spring (from the Italian susta = "spring").

The sousta (Heraklion Girls' Dance Academy (Lykeio Ellinidon), Heraklion)
Figure danced as part of the sousta (Vikelaia Municipal Library, Heraklion)
Figure danced as part of the sousta (Yiannis Harkoutsis, Manolis G. Mattheakis)
The Sousta, 2000 (G. Kouyioumoutzis Folk Dance Workshop)