There's no dance I like better than the Pentozalis

That's danced by old and young alike.

There's no dance I like better than the Pentozalis

That goes three steps forward and comes back two.

The Pentozalis is danced all over Crete, varying slightly from place to place. Its name comes from the five steps (zala) of which it is composed. It is also known as the bridal dance, since the bride opened wedding dances with it. Dancers either link arms over the shoulders, or, in another version, hold hands with their arms linked over the front of their bodies (chiasti).

There are slow (siganos) and fast (gorgos) parts to the Pentozalis, which can be danced separately or in succession.

In the latter case, the slow part serves as an introduction to the fast one, and is accompanied by kondylies.

The fast part is a dashing, proud dance expressing great gallantry.

Fast pentozali (Vikelaia Municipal Library, Heraklion)
Slow pentozali
Slow pentozali with arms linked
Bridal dance to the accompaniment of the fiddle