The handicrafts made by men and women go to make up yet another branch of Cretan tradition testifying to the skill and artistry of the rural population.

The objects produced combine aesthetic fulfilment with everyday convenience. Outstanding in terms of variety, they are now priceless - the fact that many forms of handicraft are now dying arts lends all the more importance to such creations.

Traditional loom in a Cretan house (Vikelaia Municipal Library, Heraklion)
Old woman weaving a basket, 1975 (Yiannis Harkoutsis)
Basket weaver at work (Nelly's, Benaki Museum, Athens)
Everyday life in the villages - elderly women chatting and making lace
Wood carver at work
Woven shoulder cloth (Historical Museum of Crete, © S.C.H.S, Heraklion)