Lacemaking was yet another creative occupation practised by women in the home. Known since ancient times, it was reintroduced to Greece from the West during the Renaissance.

Some lace, such as tassels (krossia) and ties (desies) are made using the hands alone. Other types are made with the assistance of small implements, such as shuttles, sock needles, smaller lace needles or bobbins. Lace is used to decorate weavings and embroideries in the home and in traditional costume.

Lace collar (Historical Museum of Crete, © S.C.H.S, Heraklion)
Samples of lace
Old woman making lace (Heraklion)
Tablecloth with lace inlay (Heraklion)
Samples of lace
Cretan tassels (Historical Museum of Crete, © S.C.H.S, Heraklion)