This was built by Giovanni Sagredo, Duke of Crete, between 1602 and 1604, to cater for the needs of the nobles who gathered at the Loggia. It was originally on the west side of the Church of St. Titus, near the arsenal (Armeria) behind the Loggia.

The fountain was adorned with a relief depicting a female figure standing between two columns, with a club in her right hand and a shield in her left. According to Gerola, the figure symbolised Crete.

There was also a representation of the Annunciation, which was originally part of a sarcophagus taken and built into the fountain.

During restoration work on the Loggia, the relief from the fountain - which was the only part to survive - was built into the north wall.

The Fontana Sagredo next to the Loggia (Town Hall), 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)
The female figure adorning the fountain, 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)