During the second Byzantine period, as the largest and prime official church in the city of Chandax, St. Titus became the seat of the new Orthodox Diocese of Crete. The Venetians later installed a Catholic archbishop and converted the church into a Catholic cathedral.

The church is on 25th August St., next to the Venetian arsenal (Armeria) and the Nobles' Club (Loggia).

Over the course of its long history the church was repeatedly destroyed by earthquakes and fires. Nevertheless, the rulers of the time would immediately set to restoring it, for it was the town's most significant monument. In 1925, following the population exchange, the church came within the jurisdiction of the Church of Crete.

St. Titus' Church and Square, 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)
View of St. Titus and the Armeria, which now houses town hall services, (photograph: Multimedia Lab)