In 1925, after the population exchange, the church came within the jurisdiction of the Church of Crete and was suitably restored for Orthodox Christian worship. It was at this time that the minaret was removed. On 3rd May 1925, after an interval of 256 years, the church was once again consecrated to Titus the Apostle.

In 1930 the church was decorated with wall paintings by Evangelos Markoyiannakis, a self-taught Heraklion artist.

On 15th May 1966 an official ceremony was held to celebrate the return of the skull of St. Titus from St. Mark's in Venice.

The impressive Church of St. Titus, 2007 (photograph: Multimedia Lab)
The imposing dome, 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)
The skull of St. Titus
A double icon: St. Titus Receiving an Epistle from St. Paul and St. Titus Ordaining a Prelate, 2007 (photograph: Multimedia Lab)