he church is a spacious three-nave timber-roofed basilica with a raised central nave. The roof forms a gable over this, above single inclined roofs on the side naves. Inside, the naves are linked by two arched colonnades. A porch to the west formed a kind of portico with three large arched openings affording entrance to the naves.

G. Gerola describes the church as follows: "two rows of octagonal piers and a pair of columns with beautiful, lavishly tooled Corinthian capitals support the pointed arches linking the naves. The beams in the church are decorated. The windows are new, as is the porch in front of the façade."

A vaulted cloister ran the length of the north side; the springs of the arches are still visible in Dikteou Androu St.

The interior of the Virgin Mary of the Crusaders (Municipality of Heraklion)
The Virgin Mary of the Crusaders in its present condition, following restoration