Under the terms of the supervisory role assigned to the Great Powers in Heraklion, in February 1897 substantial forces of English and Italian troops, followed shortly afterwards by a Scottish detachment, were garrisoned en masse on parts of the Venetian enceinte. The troops were initially quartered in tents, but these were later replaced by more permanent installations on the western end of the fortifications, on the section extending from the St. Andrew Bastion to the Martinengo Bastion.

In the wake of the dramatic events of 25th August 1898, British forces were placed in sole control of Heraklion, and troops were deployed along the entire perimeter of the enceinte.

British troops encamped on the curtain wall between the Pantocrator Bastion and the Saint Andrew Bastion after the riots of 25th August 1898
Tents pitched by British troops on the St. Andrew Bastion, 1989 (Vikelaia Municipal Library)