The Venetian enceinte is studded with escutcheons, most of which are to be found above the gates, on bastion oreillons, curtain walls and on the Koules fortress. Often accompanied by dates or inscriptions, these emblems and coats of arms bear witness both to the presence of Venetian nobles and officials and to their involvement in various phases in the building of the fortifications. Yet what best illustrates Venetian dominion over the city is the winged Lion of St. Mark, symbol of the Serenissimi. Depicted in relief, this is encountered in a range of different versions.

The Pantocrator and the Lion of St. Mark above the Pantocrator Gate, 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)
Plaque with five escutcheons on the external facade of the St. George Gate, 2003 (photograph: Multimedia Lab)