The greater part of the original ditch protecting the landward side of Chandax survives to this day.  It once ran from the St. Andrew Bastion to the Sampionara Bastion, but is now punctuated at various points by roads bisecting the walls and by the Georgiadis Park to the east of the walls.

The land in the ditch has been turned over to the public and converted into sports fields, entertainment venues, playgrounds and parks. 

The 'Hendekia' as the defensive ditch became known. The British goalkeeper in action during the OFI-Britain game (3-0), 27th May 1945 (photograph: Yiorgos Karras)
The Eleftherias Stadium landscaped in the ditch between the Bethlehem and Pantocrator Bastions, (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)
The Nikos Kazantzakis Open Air Theatre in the ditch between the Jesus and Martinengo Bastions, (photograph: Multimedia Lab)