The Mole or Harbour Gate, which once led to the harbour, was demolished during the riots in August 1898.

The Arsenal or Shipyard Gate led to the shipyards. It was demolished in the early 20th century.

The Dermatas Gate
was situated approximately half way along the seaward wall, opposite the bay of the same name, and allowed access from the city to the seashore below. A section of the interior facade is still visible today, though the greater part was demolished to make way for Skordilon St. The shore exit survives under Sofoklis Venizelou Avenue (the seafront road).

The St. Andrew Gate
lay in the northwest corner of the bastion of the same name. All that survives is the south section of the vault; the rest was demolished to make way for the seafront road.

The Sampionara Gate
was likewise situated in the northwest corner of the bastion of the same name, and led to the town by means of a steep passageway. The unadorned seaward exit still survives; the recently uncovered landward facade is an ornate structure with a pediment, built after the style of the St. George Gate.

The Mole or Harbour Gate shortly before the 1898 riots (Illustrated London news)
The gate leading to the shipyards in the port, before demolition in the early 1900's, 1900 - 1905 (G. Gerola)
The Dermatas Gate from the town side, 1900 - 1905 (G. Gerola, Heraklion)