Every city in Venetian hands had a public building where the nobles and officials could gather and while away their time, discussing matters financial, mercantile and political of local concern.

The Loggia in Candia is regarded as one of the finest architectural monuments of the Venetian period.  The structure preserved today was the fourth club of its kind in the town, and was built circa 1628 by Provveditor General Francesco Morosini.

The Loggia is situated on Kallergon Square, in the centre of what was historically the core of the town, at the top of 25th August St., which was the Ruga Maistra of Venetian times. Following major restoration works completed in 1987, it now houses the town hall.

The imposing Loggia, now Heraklion Town Hall, 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)
A detail from the frieze, showing triglyphs and metopes, 2000 (Municipality of Heraklion)