The Church of the Three Martyrs was a three-nave basilica situated between 1866 St. and Theodosaki St. It was regarded as one of the most important Orthodox churches in Chandax and, according to historical sources, was particularly imposing. The prelate and scholar Maximos Margounios (1549-1602) was buried on the site.

It remains unknown precisely when this monument was built and destroyed. Whatever the case may be, it certainly existed in the Venetian period, since records show that the hospices on what is now 1821 Street (then via della spedale = Hospital Street) belonged to the Church of the Three Martyrs. It was not included in the inventory of listed buildings compiled in 1947, possibly because it was hemmed in by later Turkish shacks serving as shops.

In the Ottoman period the Church of the Three Martyrs was converted into the Abdurahman Aga Mosque. The mihrab from the mosque still stands in the Manouras cheesemonger's on 1866 Street. It is not known whether other parts of the church are preserved in the adjacent buildings.