The period of Venetian rule left as its bequest a large number of fine buildings, which were destined to leave an indelible imprint on Heraklion.

Yet both public and private architecture also reflect subsequent developments on the historical, social and cultural front, first in the Ottoman city and then in modern Heraklion. Influences originating in some cases from elsewhere in the Balkans and in others from Western Europe were remoulded in a creative, eclectic manner, giving rise to the new architectural styles that have appeared in the town over the years.

Portal in the Palazzo d' Ittar, 1900 - 1905 (G. Gerola, Vikelaia Municipal Library, Heraklion)
The Cretan Civil Guard in front of an Ottoman house in Eleftherias Square (R. Behaeddin, Vikelaia Municipal Library, Heraklion)