From the first half of the 20th century up until the mid 1950s, the ordinary townsfolk built simple houses without any pretensions to particular architectural styles.  In the main these were freestanding, single-storey brick or cross-framed buildings with single sloping roofs, often set around a small yard.  Typical examples are to be found in the area around Efodou St., in the neighbourhood known as Agia Triada and to the north of the Martinengo Bastion.
Example of inter-war popular architecture in the area known as Agia Triada, 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)
A typical alleyway in Agia Triada, 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)
A house in the area known as Vigla ("watchtower") on the Vittouri Bastion, 2004 (photograph: Vassilis Kozonakis)
Popular style house in Agia Triada, 2007 (Vassilis Tangoudis, Municipality of Heraklion)
An alleyway in a neighbourhood north of the Martinengo Bastion, 2007 (Yiannis Harkoutsis)